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Company Name EuroTex Knitwear Limited
Type of Business Manufacturer and Exporter
Legal Status Private Limited Company
Year of Establishment 1998





Contact Person

Md. Shahidul Islam
Managing Director
Phone - 88-02-7646605

Md. Belayet Hossain
Phone - 88-02-7646605

Md. Shakhawat  Hossain
Cell # +8801714367015




Corporate Office & Factory  Factory Address - 
Nayamati, Kutubpur, Fatullah, Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Phone - 88-02-7646605 Fax - 88-02-7644953

Marketing Office 


Dhaka Office -
House 1/A, Flat # 3A, R# 02 Sec# 03 Uttara Dhaka-1230. Bangladesh

London Office:
Euro Apparel Sourcing
Suite 5, 39-41 Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 5BP
Mob: 0044 791 505 8212

Bank (1) 

Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
Narayangonj Branch,
54 (Bew-79) B.B.Road, Mid Town Complex,
Narayangonj-1400, Bangladesh CD NO.2225
Bank (2)   
Production Capacity  Garments: 50,000 pcs. per day
Knitting: 10 tons per day
Dyeing: 15 tons per day
Printing 20000 pcs /day,
EMB machine 4x 20 header.
Factory Space 3 Acres
Turnover  US $ 35.00 million
Total Manpower  3500 Nos
Management Personnel  115 Nos


Factory Certification :

1) Oeko-tex Certificates for Dyeing & Garments ( Class 1)

2) BSCI Audited 

3) SEDEX Audited

4) ISO






EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, is a 100% export oriented composite knit garments factory. mainly oriented towards Manufacturing & exporting knit garments product. situated in Nayamati, kutubpur, Fatulla, narayangonj. Establish - ment at 1998. Its Number of employee is 3700.

Factory Floor Space is 140000 sft. Factory equipments consist of Different types of Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, Embroidery and Generator machines and supplied by mostly Japan, Taiwan, U.K, USA, Singapore, etc. Main Production Basic is T-Shirt, Tank top, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Shorts, Sweat Shirt, Knit Jacket, Pajama Set, Ladies & Kids, Infant Knitwear & All Kind of Knit Garments & Knit Fabrics.


Payment terms confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit


Our products:

Knit Fabrics: Garments:
  1. Single jersey
  2. Heavy jersey
  3. Pique
  4. Lacoste interlock
  5. Rib
  6. Pleated design Rib
  7. Modal
  8. Cotton Viscose
  9. Collar & Cuff made of Cotton
  10. Cotton Modal
  11. Polyester Viscose
  12. Polyester
  13. Cotton polyester
  14. CVC
  1. T- Shirt
  2. Polo Shirt
  3. Sweat- Shirt/Jkt
  4. Golf- Shirt
  5. Tank Tops
  6. Children wear
  7. Night Wear
  8. Short Pant
  9. Long Pant
  10. Jogging Suite
  11. Runners Pant
  12. Functional Wear
  13. Fashion Dresses
  14. Sports Wear etc. 



EuroTex Knitwear Limited has always been pushing the limits of its capacity, and can now handle volume orders with ease. As a composite manufacturer, EuroTex Knitwear Limited advanced from knitting, dyeing and finishing to garment-manufacturing at a massive scale.

EuroTex Knitwear Limited's Fabric Unit, powered by superior European machineries, is capable of producing 15 tons of fabric per day. EuroTex Knitwear Limited has been increasing its manufacturing-capacity over the years, to convey volume orders of clients, in a shorter lead-time. It can successfully produce 1.5 million pieces of garment per month. In 2010 alone,

EuroTex Knitwear Limited exported 12 million pieces of garment, a figure which is expected to reach 20 million by 2014.


Quality Control & Assurance
Throughout its decade-long operation, EuroTex Knitwear Limited has perfected its Quality Control System, which includes scrupulous checks, to ensure flawless production. The experienced Quality-Assurance (QA) team extends its operation even into the procurement of raw-materials and machinery.

EuroTex Knitwear Limited has continuously restructured this system, and it now features a unique capability in terms of industry-low rework and repair rate. It has acquired the latest Quality-Control equipment, and developed quality-consciousness among the workforce. Due to its firm grip on quality regulations, EuroTex Knitwear Limited can meet the best AQL requirements of clients.

EuroTex Knitwear Limited’s QA team provides no room for error and can readily assure superior product-quality to its clients. At EuroTex Knitwear Limited, client satisfaction is company-satisfaction.


Work Place Environment

As a responsible apparel producer, EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD provides employees a work environment high above the law-required level. EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD installed and has updated lighting, ventilation and rgonomics of its plants using latest technologies like bus bar for electrical fitting, overhead mirror reflectors for lamps, forced duct ventilation and so on.

The goal is to exceed requirements of local legislation and reach the global standards, and thereby support clients’ images and sourcing principles. Clearly demarcated emergency routes & exits, smoke & fire detectors, consciously designed working lay-outs ensure a safe workplace for workers. As per ISO requirements, instructions and warning signs are posted in highly visible places, inside the factory and in local language (Bangla).

Moreover, usage of metal gloves in times of fabric cutting, needle guard in time of sewing and such similar procedures reduces significantly work-related accidents in EuroTex Knitwear Limited.

Besides being safe, EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD workplace offers a congenial & supporting environment for all: managerial staffs and workers work in mutual cooperation and respect.

EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD consciously puts effort to empower woman not only by just recruiting more women in workforce, rather by undertaking some assertive programs to train & promote women in the higher levels.


Worker’s Welfare

Besides paying a "living wage" which is substantially higher than the legal minimum, EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD. supports its employees by setting up welfare facilities like medical center, day-care center, and canteen.

The result is industry-low turnover rate in its workforce.

Properly equipped with a team of full-time doctors and nurses, its medical unit extends consultation & medication to workers’ general health care requirements. It also bears full expenses of treatment of any injuries incurred in working hours. 

In EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, day care center is not mere compliance with legal requirement, rather a pride-taking facility to take care & entertain children of working mothers. Specious, highly hygienic, properly furnished and supervised by trained personnel – these day-care centers comfort working mother by ensuring quality time for their children.

Moreover, adequate and facilitated arrangement of canteen, safe drinking waters, and hygienic lavatories make EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD a good place to work.

To assist workers financially in their emergency, EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD. has created a fund which extends interest-free loan. ‘Pick & Drop program’ is introduced for all workers to ensure comfortable & quick journey from home to workplace and vice versa. For the entertainment of workers and their family,

EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD. arranges every year entertainment programs like EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD. Utshab for all the workers, Executives Day, Family Day, Picnics, Mezban (a local cultural feast festival) etc.


Safety & Integrity

EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, strictly adheres to ethical business-practice. It carries out compliance as a continuous process, and exceeds local legislations to meet ILO convention in terms of employment practice and safety. Its Compliance Management Team monitors and reviews the various activities performed throughout the organization. For the safety of its workers, EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, has improved workplaceconditions; set up noticeable warning signs in the local language; enforced the usage of safety equipment; and built awareness among the workforce. The work-place has clearly demarcated emergency exits and equipment.

Besides paying a healthy living wage - much higher than the legal minimum - EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, supports its workers by setting up welfare facilities. An adequate canteen; safe drinking water; and hygienic lavatories, ensure that workers are comfortable with the workplace. EuroTex Knitwear Limited also provides: medical care; day-care; and transportation to its workers. EUROTEX KNITWEAR LTD, strongly opposes force-labour, child-labour, racism, discrimination and exploitation of workers, and makes every possible effort to discourage such misconducts. It employs individuals solely on the basis of their qualifications.


Green and Responsible

Being “green-minded”, EuroTex Knitwear Limited believes that its success should not come at the expense of the environment. Through responsible acting and innovative thinking, it contributes to the prevention of pollution, energy-conservation and sustainable use of rawmaterials. 

EuroTex Knitwear Limited works arduously to minimize energy consumption and reduce green house gas emissions. EuroTex Knitwear Limited has improved storedesign, enforced the recycling of waste and implemented usage of double-sided copy-machines. EuroTex Knitwear Limited only makes use of environment-friendly dyes and chemicals. It has also setup an ETP to add life to its surroundings.

For over a decade, EuroTex Knitwear Limited’s charitable arm, has spearheaded the company’s community involvement efforts. It has kindly donated to various orphanages, safe-homes (for girls) and flood & tsunami victims. EuroTex Knitwear Limited strictly complies with ILO regulations and thus, actively supports the elimination of child labour from the society.

EuroTex Knitwear Limited has effectively developed the “green and responsible” concept among its partners.

EuroTex Knitwear Limited believes that the best way to bring about social and environmental change is to leverage its biggest corporate asset - the workforce. With over 3500 skilled employees, EuroTex Knitwear Limited has
enormous potential to make a difference, through employeetalents and passion for volunteering. EuroTex Knitwear Limited certainly repays them - by arranging worker recreation programs and annual festivities.